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Classy Jon Stewart
Liberals Lie
melvin_udall wrote in hermancain
"Reference 'basketball' and Obama and you might be a racist.

Mock Cain’s speaking voice and intelligence and…?"
Jon Stewart Mocks Hermain Cain: ‘I Do Not Like to Read’

Not only is the joke not funny, true to Stewart's "comedy", it's not accurate. Hey, Jon. Rep. John Conyers Jr., a black man, mocked critics who expected him to read bills saying, 'I love these members, they get up and say, 'Read the bill.''" Where's the joke about how Conyers doesn't like to read, Jon? Or maybe some context? Oh, but it's okay to say Cain doesn't like to read. After all, he's not the right kind of black man to Democrats.

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Apparently I don't have posting settings correctly set on here....I didn't realize I have to moderate entries. My bad!

In any case.....

He's an Uncle Tom anyway, so who cares?!?!

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