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Some good points to consider
ellie_kay wrote in hermancain
Excerpt from this article: Can Cain?

Let’s remind ourselves, shall we? Remember that in September of 2007, Rudy Giuliani led the GOP pack, while Hillary Clinton was up front for the Democrats. In fact, in an October 3, 2007 poll, Clinton was at 47% to Obama’s 15%.

Mitt Romney is currently enjoying a slight surge, but only because the second tier political ammunition has been focused on Rick Perry. Once Perry irons out his message and the “front-runner” brand weakens, focus will be back on Romney’s moderate record and big government Republican reflection. When that happens, and when more GOP primary voters start tuning in, there will be an opening for a candidate with momentum, a solid message, a non-politician brand and strong tea party support.

Michele Bachmann might have peaked too early. The quarterly reports will soon come out and we’ll see where Bachmann stands financially, but my guess is she’s going to be out of fuel and pushing the car. Herman Cain on the other hand has run a much more frugal campaign and may be able to last long enough to let the establishment fight run its course.

I am very interested to see how this all is going to play out, but I haven't given up on Cain yet. I'm definitely of the mindset that it's way too early to call the primary winner just yet (obviously) but I could definitely see Cain emerging strongly in the next couple months coming up.


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