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Adam Baldwin/New CBS Poll
ellie_kay wrote in hermancain
Adam Baldwin has officially (and by "officially" I mean "On Twitter," lol) endorsed Herman Cain for president! Adam Baldwin is one of my favorite actors, not only because he is a conservative but because he is HOT and a BADASS. So this is great news, because he also supports Herman Cain :-)

New CBS poll out yesterday--in case you haven't seen it, Herman Cain is gaining momentum and FAST. He's tied for the lead with Mitt Romney, with both at 17%. Looks like it's the establishment vs. the true conservative. Romney is remaining steady despite the fact that he IS establishment, and in my opinion a RINO, and his supporters are probably the same way. Hopefully he stays steady and Cain continues with his momentum and picks up the voters who are abandoning candidates like Bachmann and Perry (and hopefully a lot of the "Undecideds" who might have been holding out for Sarah Palin or someone else).

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Great news!

To be honest, my first choice would've been Palin, in a way I'm kinda glad she isn't running though, I hate seeing her get attacked, it gets me fighting mad.

I definitely don't want Perry, I would hold my nose and vote for Romney, but Cain is someone I can support 100%. How great it will be if he gets the nomination.

and don't even get me started on Ron Paul, mostly because of his annoying, obsessive supporters.

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