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OWS link dump - 2011-11-04 morning edition
caspar david friedrich
writerspleasure wrote in hermancain
From Jere Hodges Jr: the Oakland Occupants' calls for violence documented from a local source:

Finally, someone stood up to Oakland Occupant mobs in defense of his property - with a shotgun! And in Oakland, it's significant he's a non-Caucasian man: Oakland developer Phil Tagami is used to working behind the scenes to broker some of the biggest deals in town. Late Wednesday, he was using different persuasive skills - holding a loaded shotgun to scare away rioters trying to get into a downtown building. - "We had people who attempted to break into our building," the landmark Rotunda Building on Frank Ogawa Plaza outside City Hall, Tagami said Thursday. He grabbed a shotgun that he usually keeps at home, went down to the ground floor and "discouraged them," he said. - "I was standing there and they saw me there, and I lifted it - I didn't point it - I just held it in my hands," Tagami said. "And I just racked it, and they ran." - Although they didn't get inside the building - Tagami, 46, oversaw its $50 million renovation and has an office there - vandals did scrawl graffiti on the outside walls during the post-midnight riot that broke out after Occupy Oakland's daylong general strike. -

More on call to seize bridges and banks from Obama adviser - urges 'militancy' in nationwide Occupy protests - Boardmember of groups that crafted laws for health care, 'stimulus' says 'we've got to start a resistance movement' -

Arrest records *just* like the Tea Party! [Washington D.C. Occupy] appears largely led by professional activists, including a former black nationalist and a Vietnam War deserter ... at first blush the “occupations” seem like spontaneous grassroots movements, [but] the two organizations — the October 2011 group in Freedom Plaza and Occupy DC, affiliated with the more famous Occupy Wall Street — are the result of much forethought and networking among left-wing organizers who sought a Tahrir Square-like moment in the United States ... organization’s leadership including Lisa Simeone, the host of “World of Opera,” whose syndication by NPR was cancelled after her prominent role in the movement was uncovered. Kevin Zeese, one of the main organizers of October 2011, previously served as chief counsel to the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws and director of the anti-Iraq War site Democracy Rising. He also ran for a Maryland Senate seat in 2006 as a Green Party candidate. Former Maryland Green Party gubernatorial candidate Maria Allwine is also listed as a leader. Several organizers have arrest records bolstering their activist bona fides. Dr. Margaret Flowers, an October 2011 founder and a medical doctor, was arrested in 2009 for disrupting a Senate roundtable event on health care reform, and again in 2010 following a Medicare-related protest outside a Baltimore hotel where President Obama was speaking. Flowers is an outspoken advocate of a single-payer health care system. She quit practicing medicine about four years ago to pursue health care reform activism full-time. But she isn’t the only Washington, D.C. “occupy” organizer with an arrest record. In 2009 “full-time peace and justice activist” Ellen Barfield was sentenced to 25 days in prison for scattering blood-covered money at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. Chris Hedges, a former New York Times correspondent and one of the movement’s most conspicuous personalities, penned a front-page op-ed for Washington, D.C.’s first “Occupied” newspaper issue, released Monday. Hedges was arrested Thursday for blocking the front door of Goldman Sachs. Ward Reilly, an anti-war activist who was court-martialed twice for desertion, is also a spokesman for the movement. Reilly was involved — along with Sen. John Kerry — in Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and his bio boasts being a “full time organizer and activist for 11 years.” Another contributor to the “Occupied Washington Post” is former Black Panther Larry Pinkney, no stranger to starting new governments in opposition to the American social order. A black nationalist, Pinkney was once Minister of Interior of the “Republic of New Afrika,” a nation proposed by the Malcolm X Society that would have been carved out of the southern states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.

from Lisa Najamy-Sluti: #OWS Pays $100 for a 60 day permit while Tea Party Pays $800 For One Afternoon...See You In Court? -

From baking brownies to providing legal, medical and organizational support, the US’s largest Marxist group Democratic Socialists of America, and its youth wing Young Democratic Socialists, is heavily involved in “Occupation” actions across the country ... the organization has set up a dedicated webpage, to monitor and report on the “Occupy” activities of more than 30 socialist locals from Boston to San Diego, Hawaii to Alaska. ... click on link below for *very* long list of direct quotes from DSA and YDS involvement in Occupancies, with some photos. ] Scholar-activist Frances Fox Piven, who is also an Honorary Vice-Chair of DSA, thinks we are “on the cusp, at the beginning of another period of social protest,” similar to the civil rights era. Piven tells us to prepare for mounting political conflict. She is right. - The country will in all likelihood face a bumpy road of popular struggle with advances and reversals ahead. If DSA is any kind of harbinger, a host of left-leaning organizations–unions, activist political bodies, advocacy groups–stirred by OWS, are fastening their seat belts to join the ride in their own ways. Whether OWS itself flourishes or founders, the protests have begun to unleash the sleeping dogs of progressive activism. - Democratic Socialists of America is only one of several Marxist organizations involved in the OWS movement. Though begun largely by anarchist elements, DSA, Communist Party USA, Party for Liberation and Socialism, Workers World Party and others have all climbed aboard. - DSA is the largest of those involved, and enjoys a wide geographic base. It also has very deep ties to the Democr]atic Party, particularly through the more than 80 strong Congressional Progressive Caucus. - DSA will attempt to discipline the OWS and steer its activities in directions helpful to their long time ally Barack Obama and the Democrats. - Will DSA succeed in herding the anarchists and their undisciplined hangers on the desired direction? - Time will tell. - [ c/o Nh Tea Party ]

There is increasing concern that the authorities have made a rod for their own backs. “Are we seriously suggesting that if a jihadist or neo-Nazi group moved in, they would have been indulged like this?” asked a community-board member pointedly. “Or the Klan!” interjected another. Meanwhile, the chairman worried about the precedent: “If any other group moves in in the future, would we be able to evict them, given the example we have set?” His ashen expression answered his own question. - At the last meeting, as I reported, “some of the members of Community Board One took turns to make brief speeches. With the exception of one woman, who spoke movingly of the Zuccotti Park area having been ‘under siege’ for ten years, each endorsed the OWS movement.” This time, each took it in turns to express disappointment, concern, and even anger. The rebels have lost their enablers. - “It’s a crime scene down there, and it’s attracting all of the worst people in this city,” said a board member. “We’re hearing reports of rapes, assaults, violence, drug use. The mentally ill are assembling. It’s a public hazard.” There is also concern for businesses. “At this rate, they’re not going to make it through the Christmas season,” the chair of the Small Business Committee said, bluntly. He mentioned Mark Epstein, owner of the Milk Street Café, by name. “This is a new business and he’s not going to make it. It’s an outrage. After all of the economics problems with the loss of the World Trade Center, this is too much to take.” -

Palin on OWS: “They say ‘Wall Street fat cats got a bailout so now I want one too.’ And the correct answer is no one is entitled to a bailout,” Palin told the crowd of about 1,000 at the Republican Party of Florida dinner. “The American dream, our foundation, is about work ethic and empowerment, not entitlement.” - She compared the protesters and President Barack Obama to the “crony capitalists” they say they oppose. - “Barack Obama is owned by Wall Street. The fat cats, as he calls them, they’re his friends. They’re his pals. That’s where he gets his campaign donations. And he’s very generous about giving these cats their cat nip — bigger returns on their investments in bailouts,” Palin said ... - “My question to the Occupy Wall street crowd is, ‘Where have you been the last three years?’ I suggest if they want to vent and want to change the situation, then they vent in the right direction. They need to hop on a bus and travel south — 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where there’s plenty of space to occupy,” Palin said. -

Weakness: A majority of the Oakland City Council indicated late Thursday that they would like an end to the Occupy Oakland encampment in front of City Hall, but they did not vote on any proposals. -

UK bomb plot mask becomes Occupy symbol - 'Very meaningful masks' have roots in 17th century attempt to blow up the British parliament -

My comment: This is what the left/Dems, and the government and media generally got people into the mindset during the days of inflationary flushness: that you can go into debt up to your eyeballs to "pursue your dreams" and somehow there would be a job for you, no matter if your dream was needed or not. My maxim for the day: decoupling of work and utility is a recipe for social and individual disaster. Oh, and the whole robo-going-to-College thing. Very bad. It kept people insulated from real life, institutionally dependent, and in thrall to the leftist bias in the required humanities courses. -

Pathetic NYT Breaking News - How about that evil 19th century when millions of jobs and incredible innovations were created? This is your country under Government domination: U.S. Added 80,000 Jobs in October; Unemployment Rate Dips to 9% - The United States had another month of mediocre job growth in October, the Labor Department reported Friday. - Employers added 80,000 jobs in October, slightly less than economists had been expecting. The figure for September was revised upward to 158,000, from the initially reported 103,000, in a month when the figure was helped by the return of 45,000 Verizon workers who had been on strike. - The unemployment rate, from a different survey, declined slightly to 9 percent, from September’s 9.1 percent.

Occupants should turn against Obama instead of supporting him 49% as in NYC: Report: 49 of Fortune 500 companies had negative federal tax rate in Obama’s first year - Read more:

10/20: Reporter Allegedly Threatened at #OccupyOakland; ‘We Shoot White Bitches Like You Around Here’ -

Occupy Wall Street vs. Center for Industrial Progress: Energy

Video: Honest Occupant Channing reports: Sending The Homeless To Occupy Wall Street -


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